The Humanities Faculty Club


The Humanities Faculty Club (Humanistiska Föreningen, HumF) is a student-run association dedicated to all humanities students at Stockholm University. You find us in the yellow house (Gula villan) behind the library on Frescati campus.

Our members enjoy a broad variety of activities such as: 

... and many more, which you find in on Facebook!

Most of our activities are in Swedish, however, international students are ALWAYS welcome! At HumF you have the opportunity to experience traditional Swedish student life; full of parties, dinners and snapsvisor! 

Visit our Facebook page for more information on events to come!

To participate in HumF events you need to be a member of the Humanities faculty club and of the Stockholm University's Student union. Read more about the membership here.

Get involved!

Do you want to help out in the bar or during our dinners? Or do you have a great idea for an event we should organise? There are plenty of ways for you to get involved and make your student experience even better! Contact us at and we'll tell you more!